Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Welcome" to 2012: {no cost welcome sign from scrap wood}

Happy New Year!
If you saw my Christmas decor for December, you might have noticed a cute little welcome sign by the front door.
I came up with this idea after trying to figure out what to do with my last wood beam scrap. ( you can see what I did with the last one in my Pottery Barn inspired candle holder here:
Directions for wood welcome sign:
1. Sand beam. This one is approximately 3.25"w x 5.24"d x 14.5"l. Then spray paint, let dry and sand edges for rustic look.
2. If you have one of those fancy schmancy vinyl cutting machines, it would really come in handy here. For the rest of us, find a font that you like on the computer then print them up and make your own "stencils". Get out the ruler and make sure the letters are centered and where you want them. I left space at the top so I could put a bow around the sign above the word. Find a dull pencil and trace your letters, pressing through to the wood.
3. Using acrylic paint of your choice and thin paintbrush, fill in where you traced the letters, making sure you have LOTS of patience for this part and no kids around to bump the table :)
4. Spray with protective coating or clear varnish if desired. Tie bow around top. You can see I will be changing them out with the holidays/months. I did a Christmas plaid for December and a white sparkly to match my Winter wreath.
And your done!


  1. I love this! It really came out perfectly. The idea of changing the bows is awesome.


  2. Very cute!! Jacki found one of those machines online, craigslist for $125??
    Maybe next year when ur spending $ again she can find one for u??
    She LOVES it and Jenna got one too...
    Ur crafts are AMAZING!!


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