Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick Fix Tip: {shaving pills off a rug}

Have you ever had a sweater that after wearing got pills all over it? You know, those tiny knots of textile that wad up all over and make something look worn out and ten years old? Well did you know that you can solve that problem by simply shaving them off with a razor?
I got a new rug from Target last summer. It's supposed to be one of those "squishy soft under your feet" types. Problem is, you can't throw the thing in the wash like a normal rug. On top of that, to my dismay, shortly after using it, it started developing huge pills. I love Target but I am sorry to say I do not love this rug. Consumer rating's going way down in my book!
Well, today I had had enough and decided to use the ol' shave the pills off trick. It worked perfectly!
Whenever using this trick, whether with a sweater, a rug, or whatever else you may find, make sure your victim lays flat and shave in one direction only.
After it was clean shaven (!), all the lovely dirt marks were quite clear. I spot cleaned with an old rag and water, and it's almost like my rug is good as new! (oh wait, it IS still sort of new. Darn thing's less than 6 months old. Oh well, now I know. Stick with the ones you can throw in the wash and don't pill!)
But as always, it's very satisfying to fix a problem quickly, easily, and without spending a penny.
Have you ever found anything needing a "clean shave" around your house?

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