Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Can Make That And I Did! Pottery Barn Inspired Moss Wreath {low cost project}

When I saw a moss wreath in the PB Christmas catalog about two Christmases ago, I thought "I could make that!" and have been wanting one ever since. I finally found the perfect place to hang one - over the kitchen sink. I like the idea of green plants in the kitchen but do not like taking up any counter space so this was the perfect solution.
For this project I used two bags of moss from the Dollar tree, a raffia/hay wreath I found at a thrift store for $1, a hot glue gun with several glue sticks, and a leftover ribbon I had saved. Total cost with glue was about $3.50 plus tax.
NOTE: this takes alot of hot glue, I used 3 - 4 long glue sticks, or 6 - 8 regular size glue sticks.
Also note that this moss is VERY messy! It is the WORSE for messes so do it outside if you can. I did it in a box but I would recommend doing it in a box, outside!
I bought two different types of moss from the dollar tree because I wanted it green like the spanish bag but liked the look and texture of the other so I mixed them! To do this I emptied them into a grocery bag and took it outside and mixed them together inside the bag as best I could, kind of breaking it up and mixing.
Then I started hot gluing all around the front of the wreath in about 4 inch sections.
Another NOTE: You will burn yourself! So be prepared. After putting on the hot glue I would covered it wirh some moss and press down. Continue this all around the wreath in front, then back, then inside, and outside.
Next look it over and fill in any missing spots.
Then give it "haircut!" trimming any extra long or unruly pieces that stick out.
Then I took it outside and gave it a good shake. Don't be shy!
I found a nice wide piece of white ribbon in my stash for hanging. I decided it needed a lil' somethin' so I glued 3 little yellow apples that were also in my stash. I really wanted lemons but they were too big. This wreath would also look great with a single row of lemons around the front.
I hung it up and voila! It looks perfect! And it cost next to nothing, especially compared to what PB charges.
Do you love it as much as I do?!
Thanks for checking out my latest project!

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