Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Style: White and Brown

[image[11].png]Domino Chocolate Fabric by the YardGrommeted Shower CurtainDocument Brown Easy Care Fabric by the YardHadley Ruched Duvet, Twin, WhiteArden Chocolate Easy Care Fabric by the YardMorgan 400-Thread-Count Sheet SetBurlap Message BoardOriginal Home Office™ Project Height Partners Desk[image15.png]
This year, I'm just loving the look of simple white and brown. White walls and textiles and accessories with the natural beauty of wood and script and age. I dream of having a big Pottery Barn sleigh bed or farmhouse bed with tons of comfy thick white linens with simple walls and lots of natural light.
What are you dreaming of this spring?


  1. PRetty!! And I love your new picture on the side bar =)

  2. I'm thinking white n tropical blue... The house has a white kitchen so we'll see...?


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