Friday, April 1, 2011

Jewelry: Organized!

I love these! This is a guest post from my sister in law. Says Karen:

I have too much jewelry. Well not too much, just not enough space to hold it all.
Enter 2 cork bulletin boards $4 from my favorite thrift store.
Paint the frames black. Don't Worry about the cork, it will be covered.
My S-I-L is always telling me to go simple and try for clean lines. Hello this 100% un-dyed natural cotton does the perfect job. Walmart $2.00. Using the most versatile tool in my house, (my Pampered Chef scraper) I tucked the fabric under the frame.
Not only do I love looking at all my jewelry now, so does everyone else. My little girls, my hubby. It is some perfect wall art and super organized.

Thanks, Karen!


  1. Very cute!! i love bulletin boards they are so useful for so many things!

  2. I love how organized it is. It looks so chic.


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