Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas Sales: how to make your dollar s t r e t c h

My sweet mother in law gave me a $10 Kohl's cash and off I went! "Cash" in hand and $10 budget in mind, I decided I wanted to get stuff for the kids this time. I found a girls shirt for $5.39 at 70% off. Then I let the 2 oldest pick an ornament each for next year's tree. One for $2.39 and one for $1.49 also at 70% off. I then quickly scanned the jewelry section on the way to the checkout and found a set of earrings for $1.20 at 90% off in case I had any Kohl's cash remaining. My total before the earrings came to $9.27, after the earrings I owed a whopping 51 cents!
When my mother in law gave me the Kohl's cash, she said "Sorry it's just $10." I said, are you kidding?! I'm famous for what I can find for $10!
Thanks for playing the Kohl's Cash Game with me today :)

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  1. WOW! You have to be the one of the BEST SHOPPERSI IN THE WORLD!! Grandma B


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