Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifted TV Stand: Before & After

Do you remember my Goodwill Dresser? I had originally bought it for little boy's room but we've been using it for a TV stand. It was working great until little boy discovered how to open the drawers and pull all the dvds out. And the dresser is a little low, and on a few occasions he practically pulled the TV clear off!
We were going to make a new stand with some Ana White plans with the cost of lumber @ least $40, which is pretty good considering the cheapest "wood" stand at Walmart is about $150. But then I spotted this in a thrift store for $20. It needed some TLC but for that price? 20 bucks, bring it home, clean it up and we're done? Yes, please.
Notice the awesome brass hardware (what was left of it) and the major chips in the very bottom right corner. It was like that all the way around. I ordered new hardware off ebay for cheap. My options were very limited because the existing hole spacing was an odd size (2-1/2") and standard is 3". I decided to go with the black because I didnt want to spend any more $ and we already had black spray paint for the hinges. So I replaced the hardware, removed, sprayed and replaced the hinges, then I mixed some red and brown paint I had to match the finish and hide the chips, then wiped her down really good..... and Voila! New TV stand for us! What do you think?

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