Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dollhouse Reveal!

It's done! Today I finished the "candelier" for the kitchen and everythings all ready! Now it gets covered up and patiently waits for two little girls to fall in love with it Christmas morning.
Besides buying the house (Circo brand from Target) I only spent about $4 on fabric for the kitchen. Everything else was hand me downs or a few pieces of furniture they already had. It's fun because alot of the stuff I used as a little girl. And some of it was used by my mom and passed on to me. Like the white bed my grandfather made for her. The fireplace was made by my father. I made the dining table. Since I had the blue kitchen and the orange (70's!) chairs, I searched until I found the perfect fun fabric incorporating all the kitchen colors together. I believe it's from the Robert Kaufman confections line of fabric. And I made a matching apron to go with it!
I hand stiched the bedspreads and made the bunting all from scrap fabric. The chandelier, clock, and pictures are all from Pottery Barn catalogs (of course, my favorite!) I also made the pink flower wreath, lamp, and recovered the little side table with coordinating scrapbook paper- all from stuff I already had. My friend gave me some carpet samples for the living room. And I used a whole lotta hot glue!
Well, here it is! I love it and can't wait for Christmas morning.


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