Friday, February 3, 2012

Organizing Ribbon {easy, practically no cost project}

I've been wanting (needing!) to organize all my ribbon for a while. When I saw these little packages of ribbon clips on uber-clearance at JoAnn, it motivated me to do it. I'm pretty sure I spent less than $1 on the clips. The rest I already had: plasric shoe- box size container (you could use an old box or shoe box for free) and a stack of collected cereal and snack boxes. (you should start collecting them anyway- the uses for the cardboard are endless, and FrEe!)
Then I just eyeballed a cardboard template by cutting into the cereal box and then used that to cut out a whole stack. Then I organized the ribbon by color, then from large to small. The small ribbon didnt work with the clips so then I used tape or pins. You could do this also and completely skip the clips for a totally no cost project.
It was so satisfying to get this done and go from two boxes and a bag of ribbon down to one nicely organized box, a small bag a scraps, and a bag thrown out.
What about you? Did this project inspire you to organize your ribbons or crafty things? How do you organize your ribbon?

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