Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pottery Barn Look-Alike Valentine Envelope Chair Backers

My S-I-L is back with another guest post today. Hope you enjoy!

Hey thanks...I am so excited to share this cute project with you today. I fell in love with the valentine envelope chair backers at Pottery Barn this year. I just had to have them. And then I multiplied the number in my fam by $20 and laughed. So here is my version. I made them with my friends and they came out to $1.50 a piece. So grab some friends and get sewing!


½ yard white felt

1 small piece of red felt for heart

2 yards 1 ½ “ Red ribbon cut to 30” and fray checked at ends

4 DMC 321 Red Embroidery Floss use all six strands

1 DMC White Embroidery Floss use all six strands

Pattern pieces

Cut 1 rectangle 14"x19"

Cut 2 triangles like this:

Cut 2 hearts out. About 3.5"

Get Ready here we go!

1. Sew across the 14” side of the rectangle using ½ “ seam allowance. You only have to do it to one side.

2. Put the rectangle in front of you with the sewn side closest to you. Take the sewn side and fold it up ¾” below the top.

3. Using ½” seam allowance sew around the 3 edges. DO NOT SEW ACROSS TOP.

4. Pick your favorite font and size for your names. I used good old "Marker Felt".

5. Using pencil, lightly trace the name onto one of the triangles.

6. Embroider the name using your favorite stitch.

I used the Stem stitch found here

7. When you are done embroidering the name, place the triangle on top of the other triangle you cut. Using ½” seam allowance sew the triangle together on the two bottom parts not across the top.

8. It’s time for your red running stitches. Go around the sides and bottom of the envelope and all three sides of the triangle. Keep your running stitch 1/8” of an inch or closer to the sew lines. There is no sewn line on the triangle top so just draw and imaginary line connecting the sides of the triangle make sure it is 3/4" from the top.
9. Put your envelope in front of you. Take your ribbon and fold in half. Shiny side out. Pin it into place where you want it (I had to look at the rungs on my chair to make sure they would tie right). Mine are about 2 inches in on either side.

10. Sew across the top through the triangle, ribbon and envelope. Make sure to keep the running stitch on the inside like the others.

11. Use your pinking shears and go all the way around the chair backer.

12. Use a blanket stitch to go around the red hearts. The top of the heart will attach to the envelope and the rest will be just a blanket stitch on the heart. I started in the middle on the top and worked my way back around.

Thanks for letting me share! Now go stuff those cute envelopes full of love. Beware that some boys that want to leave a love note might leave something like I got last night.

Happy Val Day!


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