Friday, November 13, 2009


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I realize that Halloween was 2 weeks ago (already?!?) but I also just realized that this subject would be good to blog about because the cost for an entire family of four to dress up this year was about $15. Not bad. My husband's farmboy costume was entirely from his closet. My Laura Ingalls farmgirl cost 25 cents for the dress at a garage sale. #1's Pocahontas Disney store dress was a $1 garage sale find, the wig was $3 on sale at Joann's and the "ugg" type slippers were an after Christmas find at Old Navy a few years ago for about $10- a splurge, I know! And the most expensive item on the list. #2's costume was a hand me down with mouse ears thanks to granparents who went on a Disney cruise= free. Although very cheap, the point I want to make is that these are all things that we did not buy specifically for Halloween. That's where companies prey on consumers- but not me! All these items are things bought througout the year and can serve several purposes. The girls wear dress up clothes all the time, #1 uses her slippers, etc. So remember when something comes up, don't panic and run out and buy. Shop your closet, see what you have, and keep an eye out at garage sales, and clearance racks all year long, buying only those things you know you can get good use out of, or that serve more than one purpose.


  1. Yes I love cheap costumes!! I made Jordyn's for like $6. Plus I love the dress up leftover idea. We already have a dress up box started and Jordyn is only 18 months.

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