Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After my online window shopping spree on IKEA last night, I decided it was so fun I'd do it again. Thanks to my S-I-L Amber, I found this fun store Faded Plains. As you can see the above picture, the website had me at hello. (Hydrangeas are my favorite flower). And that picture is just scrumptuos! Anyway, if I were rich and were Christmas shopping for real, these are a few things I might put in my cart. Enjoy the eye candy :)

These are for my princess daughters. I think it would be so cute to hang them on their walls with fancy ribbon next to thier names. They would be perfect in their shabby room.
These are for my Queen Bee mother. She loves bees.
These are for me so I can brush up on my French and do it in style. Then I would do something creative and cute with them!
I would buy one of these for my mother in law S, my sister in law A, and myself :) Three gals who I know appreciate all things Paris!

Where do you like to pretend shop?


  1. omg aren't her things SOO cute!!!?? Totally reminded me of you! Can we go to Paris together please?? You can show me around!!

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