Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father' Day

Check out my mad package decorating skills. Did you do this when you were little? Who knew there were so many great words describing "dad" in the Target ad?

Last summer, I stumbled across this super cute book at an antique store. I am always on the lookout for good Golden Books at garage sales, and given it's cheap price for a couple bucks, I had to get it. I wrapped it and gave it to my husband when my son was born. I thought I'd share it in honor of Father's day.

"Daddies All About the Work They Do" by Janet Frank A Golden Book
Daddies: All About The Work They Do (Little Golden Book)

What do daddies do all day?
They go to work to earn their pay.
They work in offices and stores,
in factories and out of doors.
Farmer daddies keep us fed.
They grow the wheat we need for bread.
Dads build rockets.
Others fly
or drive the trucks you see roll by.
Daddies fix the shoes we wear.
Barber daddies cut our hair.
Dads are sailors dressed in blue.
And daddies are policemen, too.
Daddies paint and daddies sell.
Doctor daddies keep us well.
Daddies sit at desks and write
the books we read in bed at night.
A daddy might deliver mail.
Some teach science.
Some teach Braille.
Dads make steel and daddies sing.
Dads do almost everything.
But when they've worked the whole day through,
what do they really love to do?
By taxi, train, by car and bus,
daddies hurry home- to us!

Have Happy Father's Day weekend!

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