Monday, June 27, 2011

Some of my favorites from the Fair with some cheesy commentary.

beautiful milk glass collection
some rustic goodness. (I love cheery flowers).
I wish a had a wagon. Just throw all the kids on it and go!
holy cabbage! look at the size of that thing! they're gonna need a whole lotta corned beef!
there were a lot of beautiful quilts, but this was my favorite. I love the colors. I think it has a "vintage-is-modern" look to it.
this is the "artsy photographer wannabe by the interior designer" in me picture.
"i am SOO hungry, cluck cluck."
"i am so excited, i laid an egg! cluck cluck."
this was a Beeeutiful rooster. seriously.
i'm all ears!
who can resist these cute little fuzzies?!
that's HoG wAsH!
i thought this was a cute idea with the pocket for the utensils.
in the cow barn...


Hope you enjoyed my fun day at the fair pics!

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