Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tying shoes and an "ooh la la!" good find!

After teaching my daughters how to braid last week, I decided to teach them how to tie this week. My daughter actually brought home this little shoe cutout from preschool a long time ago and I kept it knowing it would be a good teaching tool when I got around to it. But anyone can make one of these - it's just cardboard with hole punch-outs and a shoe string. It did the trick! The younger one wasn't interested, but the older one has got it down. It's so nice not having to bend over to tie her shoes anymore!

Today at Goodwill I found this little number.... CHANEL No5 for.......... 99cents! Ninety-nine c e n t s. I am so excited. I have never bought perfume but I have always wanted this. Ooh la la! To smell like a beautiful french woman! I could go on and on about how I remember the first time I learned about Coco Chanel in high school English class when we learned about fashion through the decades, and then again in french class. And how when my husband and I went to Paris two summers ago we discovered that all french people seriously smell good. Like have you ever been in the store L'Occitane? Seriously. Anyway..... so I went to the Chanel website to see how much this little ditty costs cause I had no idea and HOLY COW! Um, yeah I pretty much got my perfume for free. SCORE!



  • $95.00
  • Quantity
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4

  • Size
    0.25 FL. OZ.


  1. So funny! I had the (apparently FALSE) idea that Europeans don't shower as often as Americans and therefore to say it.. at bit more organic. Never having been to France, I suppose I stand corrected! I've never smelled chanel #5 but it sounds lovely. Can your mom stand it?

  2. Oh yeah, not only are they beautiful but they use their perfume :) No, that's why I've never bought perfume before, having a mother who's allergic and all....

  3. LOVE it!! Awesome find and perfect or you!!


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