Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodwill Dresser and Dollar Store Bird: Before and After

We needed a small dresser or chest of some sort. But it had to be decent, not huge, and cheap. After searching Craigslist for a couple weeks and a few thrift stores, I finally found one at Goodwill for $11 total. Score! Solid wood, clean lines, classic look, no funky paint and extra bonus: I could get it in and out of the back of the van without my husband's help!
As you can see, there was some minor wear and tear....
And some {interesting} handles. (I thought they were ugly).
So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought two great handles off ebay for about a buck seventy. I grabbed some touch up paint, a drill, ruler, etc.... I have never used a drill before, it was so fun!
And the final result....
DOn't you think it looks Pottery Barn-esque?!

And another little number I picked up at the Dollar Tree...
And painted white.

And here they both are. AFTER.

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  1. Those look great. You really have such an eye for design.

  2. That looks awesome. I'd like to try something like that! Was there a certain kind of paint you used? I found this post on a link-up party. Renea

  3. I just used what I had: black glossy acrylic paint to touch up the dresser, white Krylon spray paint for the bird followed by several coats of white glossy acrylic paint. I was delighted that the black paint blended in perfectly with the existing paint. Thanks!

  4. This is so great! I featured it today at my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party. Feel free to stop by and grab a button, if you'd like.


  5. everything looks great! nice job on the table. Love the candlesticks and birdie.


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